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Darius Narušis

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    About us

    The manufacture of flexible packaging and labels is the work that we perform with utmost daily dedication, drawing from the latest knowledge and decade-long experience.

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    SEDEX. ECOVADIS. Social responsibility.

    Sustainable and responsible approach to business partners, employees, and the environment, which helps to develop an ethical, safe, legal, and responsible business.

    BRC. Food Safety Management.

    Risk assessment and activity plans for ensuring the production of safe, high-quality food packaging of the most stringent food safety standards.

    ISO 14001.

    A framework of sustainable strategic action that allows to reduce adverse effects on the environment by adhering to laws in force, regulations, and other environment-oriented requirements for constant improvement.

    ISO 9001. Quality management.

    A sustainable, comprehensive approach to the quality of a company’s processes, their effectiveness, and their constant improvement.

    ISCC certification.

    Provides an opportunity to be a part of a closed circular economy for plastic by using certified recycled raw materials or materials made from renewable sources.

    HALAL certification.

    HALAL certification indicates that our flexible packaging, aluminum and PET lids comply with Halal requirements under Islamic law.


    International sustainable certification standard confirms that paper products are from renewable and responsibly managed sources, meeting social and environmental criteria.


    Label manufacture

    Taikos ave. 129 A, 51127, Kaunas
    +370 694 36121 Visit us

    Packaging manufacture

    Chemijos st. 29F, 51333, Kaunas
    +370 694 36121 Visit us

    Jovaru st. 2A, 47193, Kaunas
    +370 694 74040 Visit us

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