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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Vendor managed inventory is a system where vendors take control of the inventory management decisions for the client. With the help of VMI, it is possible to increase product sales and reduce timely and financial costs.

What is VMI?

Inventory management through VMI works on the basis of dynamic buffer management. Its purpose is to ensure the stock reserves in the client’s inventory:


whatever is needed.
however much is needed.
whenever needed.


Replenishing of stock in the client’s inventory through VMI happens according to its real-time usage, not past analysis or future projections.

Daily data on inventory reserves managed are forwarded to the vendor automatically from the client’s accounting system. If such action is unavailable, inventory supervision is feasible by installing an RFID review zone.

Where does the value lie in this service?

Perhaps the most beneficial factor of this service is to the management of repeat purchase orders.


Motivates supply teams as professionals may dedicate more time to creative tasks, new projects – jobs that require occupational knowledge and human potential, while routine tasks may be undertaken using this technology.


Reduces the workload of the supply team, eliminates the possibility of human error along with the growth of the company and the list of supplied stock.


Reduces production downtime, missed sales, or the risk of it due to shortage of reserves in the inventory.


Improves cash flow and turnover, as with the client, it is settled only for the inventory used.


Reduces financial losses resulting from excess reserves, write-offs, or urgent orders in case of shortages.


Clears up and facilitates packaging cost planning as a fixed price per unit is applied.


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