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Food products

Packaging design created by Bold Brands agency

Bad packaging may spoil an otherwise great product, therefore we offer packaging solutions worthy of your products.

All food packaging print products are compliant with the BRC food safety management and ISO quality management standards, and are safe to consumers. The print products are also capable of safeguarding the product from environmental influences and lengthening its shelf life. Photorealistic printing helps increase appetite and curiosity, while advanced technology and eco-friendly manufacture help satisfy the taste of the pickiest of consumers.

Our products

Flexible packaging

We manufacture attractive, safe, and eco-friendly flexible packaging. Here, you are not left to select one out of three. Let the packaging add additional value to your product and catch the attention of consumers.

Packaging design created by Bold Brands agency

Self-adhesive labels

Just to inform or influence, to send a message or tell a story? We offer a wide selection of self-adhesive labels for building target communication with consumers.

In-mold labeling

Label molded in plastic container (IML) retains the visual identity of a package even in the most adverse conditions. The product will stay safe, and the package is eco-friendly.


Different print surfaces – the same color. Let the visual identity of the brand be safe, while the product be delicious even before tasting.

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