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In-mold labeling

Label molded in plastic container (IML) retains the visual identity of a package even in the most adverse conditions. The product will stay safe, and the package is eco-friendly.

Types of in-mold labeling

Orange peel effect labels

IML with a tangible, rough surface like the rind of an orange. Such surface is formed upon the molding of an IML package and provides the package with matte features.

Smooth surface IML labels

Unleash creativity by choosing among white, transparent, metalized substrate IML labels.

Transparent IML labels

Aesthetic and informative packaging as if the label was not even there. We feast with our eyes first, thus an opportunity to see the product inside the packaging sparks curiosity and interest.

Printing methods


UV Flexo printing (Narrow Web Flexo Printing). The number of colors ranges from 0 to 10.

Processes performed during printing

Cold foil printing

This is a covering of elements for the visual design of IML packaging with aluminum foil with the help of a printing plate. Cold foil printing is available for smooth and orange peel effect labels.


This covers the surface of IML packaging with an extra layer of material. Thus its resistance to mechanic influences is increased.


Labels are varnished in complete shiny or matte varnish as needed.

Post-printing processes


Labels are cut in a rotary manner.


To ensure safety during transportation, labels are packaged in a special way: cut labels are covered with a firm layer of cardboard from below and above (cut and stack).

Valuable solutions

More valuable solutions

Foil decorated in-mold labels

Foil decorated in-mold labels help to create luxurious and agreeable packaging for “premium” class products.

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