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A tool for marketing professionals. It allows to segment the market up to an individual consumer and to adapt the label’s message to their needs, interests, and emotions. Personalized labels help to build an experiential label, which develops brand ambassadors.

Antimicrobial labels

These labels help communicate the company’s values in action, to fulfill their responsibilities to consumers and society. Antimicrobial labels help avoid the spread of viral or bacterial infections and contribute to public health as a brand.

Laser die-cutting

For the display of product uniqueness and for standing out in a shelf, laser die-cutting is helpful. Differently and uniquely shaped labels in one batch, the cuts of graphic design on a label – these are the things allowed by laser die-cutting.

Foil decorated in-mold labels

Foil decorated in-mold labels help to create luxurious and agreeable packaging for “premium” class products.

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