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Laser die-cutting

What is laser die-cutting of labels?

Contrary to rotary cutting by using a kiss cut, a substrate is treated with a laser beam during laser die-cutting. Operating in high temperatures, the laser vaporizes the desired form of a label on the material and graphic design elements on a label. Laser cutting can be used on various substrates. Considering the thickness of a substrate, laser beam power can be adjusted or vaporizing depth can be changed.

Where does the value lie in laser die-cutting?

It unleashes creativity since laser die-cutting overcomes the restraints placed upon by rotary die-cutting. It allows to contain labels of different shapes and sizes in the same label batch. Laser die-cutting allows to cut graphic design elements on a label.


It allows to be more flexible against market changes and be quicker in changing. If it were needed, the cut graphic design and label shape can be changed with each batch. It is very beneficial when analyzing the market, presenting experimental products, and holding marketing campaigns.

It allows to save money and time in low printing runs since every shape of label does not require a separate die, there is no waiting for their manufacture and delivery – labels are cut immediately following the printing.


It results in less production waste since it produces no adjustment waste present in kiss cut. Resources for die storing, updating, and changing are also not used.

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