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Temperature-sensitive labels

What are temperature-sensitive labels?

Thermochromic or temperature-sensitive labels are specialized labels that change their appearance in response to temperature variations. These labels are commonly used in a range of applications, from food packaging to industrial machinery, to indicate changes in temperature. Thermochromic labels come in reversible and irreversible options.


Reversible thermochromic labels are designed to change color in response to temperature changes, but revert back to their original state when the temperature returns to normal. This makes them ideal for monitoring temperature changes over time, as they provide a visual indication of temperature fluctuations.


Irreversible thermochromic labels, on the other hand, change color permanently in response to a specific temperature threshold. Once the label has been activated, it cannot be reset or changed, providing a clear indication that the temperature has exceeded a certain limit.


Thermochromic inks used for temperature-sensitive labels can come in a range of colors, depending on the specific application and desired effect. Our most commonly used colors include • transparent to • blue, • blue to • pink, • brown to • yellow

What is the value of temperature-sensitive labels?

Ensuring food safety and reducing food waste: One of the primary values of temperature-sensitive labels is their ability to provide a clear and immediate indication of temperature changes. This is particularly valuable in industries such as food packaging, where temperature fluctuations can have a significant impact on food safety and quality. Temperature-sensitive labels can be used to monitor the temperature of products during transport and storage, ensuring that they remain within safe temperature ranges.


Increasing visibility and emotional impact: In addition to their practical applications, thermochromic labels also have aesthetic value, particularly in the packaging and advertising industries. They can be used to create eye-catching designs that change color in response to temperature changes, creating a unique and memorable visual effect.


Improving consumer satisfaction and experience: In the beverage industry, temperature-sensitive labels can be used to indicate when a drink is at the perfect temperature for consumption. This is particularly valuable for drinks such as beer and soft drinks, which are best enjoyed when chilled. By incorporating temperature-sensitive labels into their packaging, beverage companies can ensure that consumers know when their drink is ready to consume, leading to a more satisfying and enjoyable experience. Similarly, in the wine and spirits industries, temperature-sensitive labels can be used to indicate when a drink is at the optimal serving temperature. Wine, for example, is typically best served at a specific temperature range, depending on the type of wine. By incorporating temperature-sensitive labels into wine bottles, consumers can quickly and easily determine when their wine is at the perfect temperature, leading to a more satisfying and enjoyable drinking experience.

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