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Antimicrobial labels

What are antimicrobial labels?

Antimicrobial labels are used when labeling pharmaceuticals, food, and other products requiring antimicrobial protection. Antimicrobial labels are varnished with special varnish. It contains substances inhibiting the growth of microbes on the surface to be protected. Antimicrobial labels reduce the number of microbes and viruses on the surfaces by more than 99%. In an illuminated environment, it stays active for up to 12 months irrespective of how frequently the surface is being touched.

Properties and specifications

Antimicrobial varnish can be applied on paper and films. It does not modify the physical properties of a label.


Antimicrobial varnish is transparent, but it can be either shiny or matte.


Antimicrobial varnish is safe, tested by independent German institutes.

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