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Label and packaging manufacturer

The manufacture of flexible packaging and labels is the work that we perform by blending years of experience with innovative ideas. By working together, you do not need to be a packaging expert, but its procurement is made easier.


To help the producers of fast-moving consumer goods in order to improve their results. We strive for that by manufacturing labels, packaging, and providing other services.


To create a positive customer experience from the first contact up to post-purchase matters.

Since 1991

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working during day and night

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Packaging manufacture

Product safety and eco-friendly technology are at the center of attention in the production of flexible packaging. Primary packaging is manufactured here – a single layer and multi-layer barrier packaging with reverse or surface printing. Wrap-around labels for PET bottles are also printed here.

Productive capacity:

2021 – 115 mln. m²,

2022 – 250 mln. m².


5 printing machines,

5 laminating machines.

Productive capacity:

2021 – 115 mln. m²,

2022 – 250 mln. m².


5 printing machines,

5 laminating machines.

Label manufacture

The self-adhesive label manufacturing department is noted for its flexibility and adaptiveness to the customer’s needs. This is feasible due to the wide range of products and printing technology. The utmost attention here is given to the efficiency and implementation of innovations in printing technology.

Productive capacity:

2021 – 50 mln. m²,

2022 – 57 mln. m².


11 printing machines.

Productive capacity:

2021 – 50 mln. m²,

2022 – 57 mln. m².


11 printing machines.

Printing methods


UV Flexo printing (Narrow Web Flexo Printing). The number of colors ranges from 0 to 10.

“HD flexo”

Large format solvent printing up to 10 colors. Exceptionally high printing quality, products appear compelling as if done by intaglio printing.


Printing in an expanded color gamut means that 
PANTONE colors are simulated with incredible precision, which reduces packaging production costs.

Digital printing

Low and medium print runs are faster. These printing qualities allow to strengthen communication with consumers, their participation, and brand loyalty.

Services / Our role on supply chain

Our services facilitate the organizational work of the procurement teams concerning the supply of printing products. Therefore, the workload could be reduced, errors eliminated, and money and time is saved.

W4L self-service platform

The online customer portal Web For Labels allows to place and manage orders more efficiently, and to reach important information at any place and any time. W4L makes it easier to work in a team, to avoid mistakes, and analyze order history data. Request your login and give it a try!

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Real-time computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between business partners. EDI eliminates the errors resulting from manual data exchange, reduces waiting times, increases processing speed, and reduces workload.

Online store

You can swiftly purchase labels online and directly from the warehouse via the online store: www.etikete.lt 


Preparing for printing

Preparations for printing or adjustment of a design layout will shorten an entire delivery time. Layout adjustments are performed if needed.

Manufacture of printing plates in the company

This service provides flexibility and shortens the printing preparations. This is very relevant when the products are to be placed on the market urgently or when making changes. We are a “KODAK FLEXCEL NX” certified partner in the manufacture of printing plates, therefore we conform to the international “Kodak” standards for flexographic printing, integrity, and quality.

Color management

Color management ensures color uniformity when printing different products on different surfaces. Therefore, the visual identity of the product is preserved. Due to color management, it is possible to reproduce the colors from a real printed sample, and to create unique tints.

Barcode verification

Barcode verification can put the product ahead in retail stores. Upon the client’s request, barcode verification is performed in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 15416. In this manner, the readability of the code in stores is ensured, and the verification certificate and error protocol are issued.

100% quality inspection

An automated 100% quality inspection is critical when supplying labels for labeling the product of strict accountability. The inspection makes sure that the exact amount and the highest quality labels satisfying the required quality benchmarks are delivered. A 100% quality inspection is performed on order.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Vendor managed inventory is a system where vendors take control of the inventory management decisions for the client. With the help of VMI, it is possible to increase product sales and to reduce timely and financial costs.

Storing services

Long-term storing services are provided under negotiated agreements. Labels, packaging, and other printing products are stored in the inventory and delivered upon request (Call-Off orders). Storing premises comply with the hygiene standards for storing printing products.


A safe future is built through balanced growth and diversified activity.

Sales geography



Turnover of 2022


Investment in 2022


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different countries we have clients


European Business Masters assessment for 5-year achievements in 2018-2022

Finalists of Digital Labels & Packaging Awards 2022

ENEFIT green energy certificate / 2021

Top 34 company in Lithuania / 2021

One of TOP 10 Lithuanian companies not in food industry / 2021

Finalists of Label Industry Global Awards 2017

No. 1 printing house in Lithuania / 2021

Silver A’Design Awards medal / 2018

“Crystal Chimney” award / 2018

National Winner of European Business Awards / 2019

“KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plates” award / 2019

German Business Award in Lithuania / 2012

Knowledge Economy Company / 2013

National Winner of European Business Awards / 2018

Lithuanian Printing Industry Awards / 2016

“Package of the Year” award / 2017

The Most Innovative Company / 2009

Appraisal for successful export / 2016

Kaunas city award for “Synergy between business and science” titled “Verslo tauras” / 2015

“Brave Investment” award / 2014

Printing industry “Leader” award is awarded to “Aurika” UAB / 2012

“Printed product” award / 2017

“Strongest in Lithuania” / 2013 - 2016

“Successfully Performing Enterprise” / 2012 - 2015


We trust people and respect the environment. Only in cooperation with producers of fast-moving consumer goods, consumers, packaging designers, and manufacturers, can we build a more sustainable business.

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Business management system

SEDEX. ECOVADIS. Social responsibility.

Sustainable and responsible approach to business partners, employees, and the environment, which helps to develop an ethical, safe, legal, and responsible business.

BRC. Food Safety Management.

Risk assessment and activity plans for ensuring the production of safe, high-quality food packaging of the most stringent food safety standards.

ISO 14001.

A framework of sustainable strategic action that allows to reduce adverse effects on the environment by adhering to laws in force, regulations, and other environment-oriented requirements for constant improvement.

ISO 9001. Quality management.

A sustainable, comprehensive approach to the quality of a company’s processes, their effectiveness, and their constant improvement.

ISCC certification.

Provides an opportunity to be a part of a closed circular economy for plastic by using certified recycled raw materials or materials made from renewable sources.

HALAL certification.

HALAL certification indicates that our flexible packaging, aluminum and PET lids comply with Halal requirements under Islamic law.


International sustainable certification standard confirms that paper products are from renewable and responsibly managed sources, meeting social and environmental criteria.

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