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Self-adhesive labels

Just to inform or influence, to send a message or tell a story? We offer a wide selection of self-adhesive labels for building target communication with consumers.

Types of self-adhesive labels

Labels with print

From simple mono-color to full-color CMYK for creating a product’s image. In more detail, these are info labels (self-adhesive labels with barcodes, cautionary symbols, item descriptions, etc.), labels with print for scales and self-adhesive printed labels on order for item labeling.

“Premium” class labels

The self-adhesive labels hit the consumer with the strongest visual and emotional effects. They are more and more used not only for the labeling of luxury products, but for economy class as well. These technologically complex self-adhesive labels of exceptional quality belong to the class of “Premium” labels. This sensory labeling is printed on both sides, laminated and foil decorated with a scratch-off surface or a surface in Braille.

Eco-friendly labels

In order to gain customers’ favor and to use eco-friendly labels, we might not even need extra investment. Our sustainability professionals shall advise us on the directions we could move forward in each specific case.

“Peel-off” labels

Easily peeled two-layer self-adhesive labels are an excellent choice for products with limited surface for labeling. They might have up to 3 surfaces for printing, thus allowing the package to remain visually compelling and provide consumers with all the necessary information.

Labels without print

Sticky label blanks printed by industrial printers or electronic scales. A wide range of labels without print directly from the warehouse is available to purchase in the online sticky label store:

Pricing labels

Pricing labels, also called pricing rolls, are available in different sizes, colored, in white or with print. These products are available in the online store:

Printing methods


UV Flexo printing (Narrow Web Flexo Printing). The number of colors ranges from 0 to 10.

Digital printing

Low and medium print runs are faster. These printing qualities allow to strengthen communication with consumers, their participation, and brand loyalty.

Processes performed during printing

Cold foil printing

Transfer of aluminum foil with a printing plate. Label design of various shapes and sizes can be decorated with aluminum foil of various colors.

Silk screen printing

Transfer of massive layer of paint with a printing plate. Label design elements through silk screen printing become embossed, tangible, and opaque.


Braille may be printed on textual or graphic information of a label, thus becoming an aesthetic, integral element of the label design.

Print on an adhesive

The adhesive side of a label is most commonly used for printing text, and fine elements of design. This is used in the production of two-sided printing and two-layer labels.


Complete or partial varnishing is performed with a printing plate. It is possible to concurrently combine several different types of varnish – shiny, matte, paper touch and sand touch.


Treatment of a label with a layer of additional material. The label becomes more resistant to environmental influence, its surface can be shiny, matte, or soft.

Two-sided printing effect

Both surfaces of a label are used to convey visual and textual information. Two-sided printing labels are used with transparent immediate packaging.

“Cast & Cure”

An alternative to the traditional transferring of foil, when glossy, holographic visual effects are created on a label.


Die-cutting renders the final shape of a label.


Perforation, or surface cuts, are performed for easier tearing or folding of a print product.


Labels of digital printing can be numbered in increasing or unique sequences upon need.

Post-printing processes

Hot foil printing

Transfer of foil onto a label with a hot press. Even the fine elements of design can be covered with a foil of differing colors.

Embossing, debossing

Tangible label design elements are embossed/debossed by stamping labels with metal forms of relief design.

Micro debossing

This technology adorns a label with a unique texture and ornaments. Micro debossing is performed only at the surface of a foil without influencing the main material.

Cutting in sheets

Rolled print products can be cut and delivered in units if so required.

“Zig-Zag” folding

Upon demand, we can fold the labels (Leporello/Fan-Fold labels) and deliver them in batches of specified label amounts.

Laser die-cutting

Unlimited space for creativity: laser-cut labels of varying shapes, varying design cuts within a label, resulting in unique and diverse label possibilities.

Valuable solutions

More valuable solutions

Micro, Nano embossing

Micro and nano embossing is used to highlight the unique nature of a product, to uplift its visibility on a shelf, and to distinguish it as a premium-class product. Micro and nano embossing may also be useful against counterfeiting.

Laser die-cutting

For the display of product uniqueness and for standing out in a shelf, laser die-cutting is helpful. Differently and uniquely shaped labels in one batch, the cuts of graphic design on a label – these are the things allowed by laser die-cutting.


A tool for marketing professionals. It allows to segment the market up to an individual consumer and to adapt the label’s message to their needs, interests, and emotions. Personalized labels help build an experiential label, which develops brand ambassadors.

Antimicrobial labels

These labels help communicate the company’s values in action, to fulfill their responsibilities to consumers and society. Antibacterial labels help avoid the spread of viral or bacterial infections and contribute to public health as a brand.

Sustainable, eco-friendly solutions


Sustainable labels

Environmentally friendly self-adhesive labels help brands to achieve their sustainability goals. Eco-friendly labels are intended to reduce the use of fossil-based plastics, to preserve natural resources, and implement the principles of circular economy. Sustainable labels can also facilitate waste sorting and improve the quality of secondary raw materials.

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