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Wrap-around labels

Drinks are even more refreshing with an eye-catching label wrapped around them.

Types of wrap-around labels

White substrate labels

Wrap-around labels of white polypropylene possess a very clear surface print. The maximum number of colors is 10.

Metalized substrate labels

Surface print on a metalized substrate is characterized by a unique gloss that catches the human eye and discerns itself from others.

Transparent substrate labels

Reverse printing on a transparent substrate ensures resistance to mechanic and environmental influence.

Printing methods


UV Flexo printing (Narrow Web Flexo Printing). The number of colors ranges from 0 to 10.

“HD flexo”

Large format solvent printing up to 10 colors. Exceptionally high printing quality, products appear compelling as if done by intaglio printing.

Digital printing

Low and medium print runs are faster. These printing qualities allow to strengthen communication with consumers, their participation, and brand loyalty.

Processes performed during printing

Complete or partial varnishing

Wrap-around labels are rendered attractive by applying complete or partial varnishing. The varnish can be shiny, matte, or have a pearl effect.

Post-printing processes

Longitudinal cutting and switching

Roll of wrap-around labels is cut longitudinally in one row, and the rolls are switched in the direction required by the client.

Valuable solutions

More valuable solutions


In order to increase consumer engagement, all bottles with customized labels can be different, dedicated to special consumers, events, or occasions.

Sustainable, eco-friendly solutions


Sustainable wrap-around labels

Eco-friendlier OPP labels for PET bottles can be made from ISCC+ certified recycled raw materials or plant-based raw materials, thus contributing to the creation of a circular economy.

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