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Micro, Nano embossing

What is Micro or Nano embossing?

This innovative printing technique may adorn a label with a unique texture and embellishments. Micro embossing is done just on the surface of aluminium foil without affecting the substrate itself. Due to the pattern of very fine lines, the method of micro embossing results in precise, high-quality images. Nano embossing is similar to micro embossing of which the former is characterised by lines which are 40% thinner. The result produces extremely fine patterns suggestive of sanded metal, wood texture or gradient, and others.

How beneficial is Micro or Nano embossing?

Increased shelf presence thanks to striking visuals and unique embellishments.


Emotional captivation from visually appealing and pleasant-to-touch features alike.


Improves brand recognition.


Increases the effectiveness of premium brand communication.


Protects products against counterfeiting.

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Hot foil stamping. Micro, and Nano embossing.

In this video, we explore the latest advancements in hot foil stamping for self-adhesive labels and the exciting new opportunities it provides for FMCG businesses.

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