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Double-sided variable data printing

Case study

The challenge

To convey the distinctiveness and diversity of the design, thus spreading the message of positivity and tolerance towards different people.

The solution

Label design is made by children who participated in the social campaign: “Apply a label to an item, not a person.” The technique of double-sided printing is employed to print both outward-facing and inward-facing sides of a label.

The result

A series of limited-edition, customised double-sided labels. Each bottle of the series is distinct and acts as a gallery of 5 drawings from the social campaign.

Where does the value lie in customised double-sided labels?

Double-sided variable data printing is available on self-adhesive and wrap-around labels.
The benefits:


• Unleashes creativity, as the graphic and textual information can be printed on both the inner and outer sides of a label.


• Promotes distinctiveness, since every product may be turned into a unique gallery displaying topics that are significant to an individual.


• Spreads the popularity of a brand/product by inviting users to share their stories and experience on social networks.


• Increases user engagement and sales since a product in which consumers discover themselves, and to which they can relate, is more appealing.


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