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Foil decorated in-mold labels

Case study

The challenge

To create a strong, eco-friendly, and economical, but concurrently luxurious package for a Premium class product.

The solution

Gold foil decorated IML label with an orange peel effect, conveying the impression of distinctiveness and luxury.

The result

A unique Premium class packaging for the price of a standard, mass-produced packaging and delivery times.  Foil decorated IML label possesses the features of a standard IML label. Its molding into a plastic container does not require additional processes.

Where does the value lie in foil decorated IML?

Both smooth and orange peel effect IML labels can be decorated with foil. Their help can be used to:


enhance the communication of the package of Premium class products without a significant increase in expenses;


increase the brand visibility since metallic colors possess that unique, eye-catching gloss.


stand out, increase sales, and enhance the visual, plus emotional effect of a package.

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