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We manufacture attractive, safe, and eco-friendly flexible packaging. Here, you are not left to select one out of three. Let the packaging add additional value to your product and catch the attention of consumers.

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    Types of packaging


    Horizontal or vertical type “flow-pack” packaging is most commonly used to package dry, bulk, and frozen food products.







    Ice cream


    Frozen fruits and berries

    Dried fruits and berries

    Frozen semi-finished products

    Frozen fish

    Frozen seafood

    Bread products


    Meat products


    “Doypack”, in other words, a package with a bottom gusset, spiked in popularity for packaging in rations and for travel (On the go).



    Dried fruits and berries




    Cocoa powder




    “Block bottom”

    Due to a large printing area and the capability to stand up on a shelf, such packaging is deemed an effective marketing tool.










    Cocoa powder

    Animal food


    Also called pillow-type packaging, this flexible packaging is widely used for packaging tiny product amounts: usually groceries, cosmetics, and personal hygiene products.



    Coffee drinks

    Cocoa drinks


    Wet wipes

    Face and body care products


    Ensures the safety and usage comfort for the most sensitive product groups. Such packaging can be easily opened, re-sealed, suitable for vacuum packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, etc.

    Fresh meat

    Meat products

    Fresh fish

    Fish products

    Frozen fish

    Frozen seafood



    Frozen semi-finished products


    Used for packaging of temperature-sensitive products such as chocolate, candy, and other confectionery. The bag in the packaging line is formed by applying pressure to adhesive-treated edges of packaging material without heating. The product remains completely safe.


    Chocolate bars

    Ice cream

    Printing methods


    UV Flexo printing (Narrow Web Flexo Printing). The number of colors ranges from 0 to 10.

    “HD flexo”

    Large format solvent printing up to 10 colors. Exceptionally high printing quality, products appear compelling as if done by intaglio printing.


    Printing in an expanded color gamut means that 
PANTONE colors are simulated with incredible precision, which reduces packaging production costs.

    The most popular compositions

    Barrier packaging

    Two or more layered packaging, comprised of substrates such as aluminum and EVOH which protect the product from environmental influences.

    Non-barrier packaging

    Packaging comprised of substrates that do not demand strict protection from environmental influences.

    Packaging for pasteurization

    Packaging which can be treated with hot steam at temperatures up to 70°C, retaining its qualities and frontal look.

    Composite packaging with a paper layer

    When the feel and look of the packaging are of importance, one of the layers may be paper.

    Post-printing processes

    Complete or partial varnishing

    Varnishing flexible packaging may enhance the communication of the packaging to be more precise in the product’s representation, and involve the senses more. Packaging can be varnished with matte or tactile paper-touch varnish in whole, or in selected areas.

    Packaging design created by Advision agency

    Cold adhesive

    This adhesive glues together the packaging of a heat-sensitive product and retains its looks while ensuring the qualities given by a protective barrier.

    Valuable solutions

    More valuable solutions

    “Equinox” printing

    Advanced expanded gamut printing technology that allows smarter and more sustainable label printing. “Equinox” allows to astonish consumers with photorealistic packaging, while manufacturers obtain enticing packaging costs and supply deadlines.

    Sustainable, eco-friendly solutions


    Mono packaging

    Made from a single type of plastic (PP, PE, PET) and recyclable.

    Recycled packaging

    Made by using ISCC+ certified recycled material. Can be recycled if made from the same type of material. The amount of recycled material is specified.

    Bio-based packaging

    Made by using bio-based materials. It may or may not be ISCC+ certified. Depends on the origin of the materials. Only certified materials are recyclable.

    Compostable packaging

    Made by using compostable materials. Almost all materials are composted industrially. Verification is undergone in external laboratories independently for every product/series.

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