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Packaging sample of “Equinox” printing

We invite you to download a printed sample of the package printed in the expanded gamut method.



    Equinox: Extended Gamut Printing

    In this video the game-changing extended gamut printing technology to enhance your packaging is explained in details.

    What is an expanded gamut “Equinox” printing?

    “Equinox” is likened to digital printing in a fixed 4, 5, 6, or 7 color gamut, only by using traditional printing methods. In the expanded gamut, PANTONE colors are simulated by adding orange, green, and violet to the CMYK model. It has been calculated, that up to 95 % of PANTONE colors can be converted to a fixed 7-color gamut.

    “Equinox” retains HD printing quality. It is also possible to accentuate a package since the images can be converted to 5, 6, or 7 colors instead of the usual CMYK.

    Where lies the value of expanded gamut “Equinox” printing?

    It strengthens the visual effect of the packaging and leaves space for the creativity of designers. Images can be enriched with extra colors, while graphic design can employ an unlimited amount of colors.


    Reduces pollution due to an average consumption of 25% less paint, while production waste is reduced by an average of 34%.


    It is easier to precisely predict the look of the finished package since printing proof is also printed in an expanded gamut. It resembles a package printed in “Equinox” more than the one in PANTONE colors.


    Reduces supply times and expenses for a package due to lower packaging costs for low/average printing runs (less downtime, quicker preparation, more effective printing of product variations).

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