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Wash-Off Self-Adhesive Labels

What is it?

Wash-off labels are designed specifically for multi-use containers (boxes, trays, pallets, containers, etc.) that are commonly used in the FMCG industry. Wash-off labels can also improve PET recycling. These PSL or pressure sensitive labels stick permanently to a variety of surfaces, but can be easily removed without leaving any residue behind when their life cycle is complete.

Purpose of Wash-off self-adhesive labels

To simplify the process of rotating, relabeling, and reusing containers, which saves time and effort in container management, while also improving logistics and supply chain management. Wash-off PSL labels are also used to improve the quality of PET recycling.

Benefits of wash-off self-adhesive labels

Reduce waste by supporting recycling and enabling easy recirculation of plastic and metal crates, as well as other multi-use containers.


Improves the overall plastic recycling process by preventing contamination of PET flakes during the washing process, thereby increasing the recovery and conversion of valuable PET flakes into new packaging materials.


Helps your brand achieve its sustainability goals and contributes to more environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging practices.

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